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Red Calcite Matrix

Red Calcite Matrix

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  • Intentions: Grounding, Energizing, Vitality
  • Chakra: Root
  • Zodiac: Cancer
  • Elements: Earth, Fire

Red Calcite is an energizing stone. It has detoxifying properties and helps rejuvenate the mind and body. Red Calcite can help to reduce stress and assists with problem solving. It rejuvenates the soul and increases inner strength. Red Calcite aids in reducing negative emotions and can help your soul feel protected.

Red Calcite is a Root Chakra stone that helps to center and ground energy. It is associated with the Element of Fire and can help you feel comfortable in your own skin and promote self-confidence. Red Calcite can lessen confusion and strengthen vital thoughts and feelings.

About the Root Chakra: The Root Chakra, also known as the Muladhara or Base, is located at the bottom of the spine. It is the foundation of our bodies and souls. Your Root Chakra contains your basic life force. When it is balanced, it helps to ground you and provides stability. An open Root Chakra allows energy to flow through your body, and offers a sense of safety and security.

The Root Chakra emanates the energy of the Element of Earth. A balanced Root Chakra helps to ground the other chakras, and allows you to feel comfortable in your body and your surroundings.


Weight: 5565 ct 

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