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Positive Crystal Energy

Positive Crystal Energy

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Are you a seeker of positivity? Tell tale signs are that in a world that is complicated and sometimes glum, you are always on the hunt for a glimpse of positivity. When it’s raining, you’re talking about tomorrow’s weather report. When the news is too much to bear, you know to turn it off and take a walk in nature, and you surround yourself with like-minded people, creating a circle of optimists.

If this is you, there is another tool for drawing positivity near and if this doesn’t describe you, definitely read further because you might need this information more than you realize!

Crystals each carry their own energy that is derived from the earth. Their vibrations can be harnessed even by beginners, drawing light and positivity to the steward of the stones. The good news is that there is no possibility of making mistakes and encouraging the opposite result of bringing negative energy out of the crystals as it does not exist. 


1 - Black Tourmaline: Blocks Negativity

1 - Selenite: Cleansing Stone

1 - Blue Apatite: Motivation/Manifestation

1 - Amethyst: Peace & Calming Stone

1 - Clear Quartz: Positivity Stone

1 - Spiritual Card

Incorporating the natural energy in stones & crystals will help in your ritual by bringing positive & intended energy.

*All stones are from mother earth & vary in size, color, and shape. No two are identical. (Crystal sizes vary)

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