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Colombian Lemurian Quartz

Colombian Lemurian Quartz

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What is Lemurian Quartz?

Lemurian Quartz is a kind of quartz that embodies the angelic and cosmic worlds, delicate, loving energy. They can help you attain inner peace and connect with the Divine spirit. It aids one in connecting with the soul's vitality.

The development of Lemurian crystals is extraordinarily fragile, and this characteristic contributed to the name. When a Lemurian Crystal grows within a cluster, it might become so weak that it falls out into the crystal cave's floor. Ancient communities believed the crystals waiting for them on the ground were seeds of wisdom set for the taking when they came upon these caves.

The term "Lemurian quartz" refers to a specific kind of Quartz. They stand out because one or more sides have "barcodes" or growth lines. When you rub your thumb or finger along the side, you can feel the bar codes.

The first traditional Lemurian Quartz crystals exhibited striations (horizontal lines) on every side, with a smooth texture on the remaining sides. Three sides are striated, while the remaining three are smooth. Since then, new Lemurian family kinds have evolved, and it is now widely understood that a Lemurian Seed crystal can have any number of striated sides. Many crystals that are said to be Lemurian contain no striations at all.

Wearing Lemurian Quartz

Lemurian Quartz is a powerful healing gem that may help you clear any form of energy barrier. For healing and meditation work, use a Lemurian Quartz Crystal. The look of Lemurian Crystals is peculiar. On one or more sides of a Lemurian Crystal, you'll see horizontal striations or grooves that look like "barcodes." A Lemurian Crystal's sides usually have alternating striated and smooth faces.

Lemurian Quartz at Home and Work

While they are strong healing crystals, you should use them to focus on your spiritual development rather than on others. However, it would help if you attempted to collaborate with them. Lemurian Quartz crystals may assist you in improving your daily life. While crystal healers can utilize them, they mainly work on themselves. 

They are stones that can evoke strong emotions in you. They are a helpful stone to have and utilize daily if you are devoted to your path. Their energy may assist you in resolving deep-seated issues from the past, whether in this incarnation or in a previous life, which may be pretty helpful.

Meditation with Lemurian Quartz

They have an extremely high vibration, much like the other Lemurian Quartz Crystals, which most people can sense. During your crystal meditation, rub your fingertips over these to see if you may make contact with beings from distant star systems. These stones have the standard ladders, but some of the faces of the Starseed Quartz contain what appear to be hieroglyphs. They can bring about healing by helping you to shed karmic-related health issues. Combining these stones with White Heulandite or any other Lemurian crystal will aid your excursions into former lives, particularly those of ancient civilizations like Lemuria and Atlantis.

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