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Cherry Blossom Agate ( Flower Agate)

Cherry Blossom Agate ( Flower Agate)

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Flower Agate is also known as Blossom Agate, Blossom Jasper, Sakura, or Cherry Blossom Agate.

Notice how they are all floral-inspired? This is due to the unique flower blossom shapes which appear within the stone. Flower Agate's color is one of a soft and feminine color. It's palette is primarily made up of pale pinks, milky whites, and other blush or beige hues.

It is a lesser known stone because it was just discovered in 2018 in Madagascar. It is already beloved by those who encounter its enchanting energy. More specifically, Flower Agate is a type of plume agate. However, it is unique even amongst plume agates in that it features fully-formed three-dimensional plumes of Chalcedony.

Metaphysical Properties of Flower Agate

Flower Agate has the metaphysical properties of New Beginnings, Growth, and Transformation. It will help you tend to the parts of your nature that hold you back from growth.

This stone has the energy that flows from seed to blossom. It reminds us that we possess the ability to overcome our challenges and manifest our most passionate dreams! It can ground you and restore emotional balance, similar to how the soil can support a seed and allow it to grow and bloom into a beautiful flower.

As a stone of the Agate family, it is no surprise that this stone is known for grounding. Here are some of the metaphysical properties of Flower Agate:

  • Protects us from fears and self-doubt

  • Inspires us to manifest and pursue our dreams

  • Promotes courage, spontaneity, and joy

  • Reduces stress and worry

  • Carries a divine feminine energy

  • Bridges the space between emotion and reality



Flower Agate promotes a sense of possibility and protects against negative emotions such as anxiety, fear, or self doubt. This allows you focus on positive feelings including love, affection, openness, passion, and encouragement.

  • Reach your fullest potential

  • Achieve your dreams

  • Be happier each day

  • Be the you that you always wanted to be

  • Worry less, enjoy more




Heart chakra


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