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Blue Rough Apaptite Bundle

Blue Rough Apaptite Bundle

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3 piece set featuring Healing Crystals, Palo Santo Stick and White Sage Stick Bundle. The ultimate kit to cleanse any object, space, or self.


The Stone of Manifestation • Energetic balancer •

Expansion of knowledge

CALIFORNIA WHITE SAGE - (Salvia Apiana) 3 - 4"

White Sage Wands - Grown primarily in high desert ecosystems, this evergreen shrub was well known to Indigenous American and used for its healing properties to drive out negative and evil spirits

PALO SANTO WOOD - (Bursera Graveolens) 3 - 4" sticks for your cleansing needs. From the Forest of Peru. All sticks are sustainable and ethically harvested

Note: Tumbling and cleaning has been performed to bring out the brilliance on each stone.


Items pictured are representations of what we have in stock. The items you receive might vary slightly in color and size.

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