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Hey, I'm Virgo! I am the most caring sign of the zodiac and as a result, I always put myself last, which can make it seem like I'm unconfident.

Just the fact that I need to write about me makes me nervous, I hate talking about myself!

Also, I often think people's feelings are more important than mine, so I usually have trouble opening up to the ones I love.

Dates: August 23 - September 22

Element: Earth

Zodiac quality: Mutable

Ruling planet: Mercury

Greatest compatibility: Pisces, Cancer

My strengths: Loyal, methodical, generous, hardworking

My weaknesses: Overly self-critical, shyness, worry

I like: Animals, healthy lifestyle, nature

I dislike: Seeking help, being the center of attention, Rudeness

The History of Virgo Zodiac Sign

The Constellation of Virgo is one of the 88 constellations recognized by the International Astronomical Union. It has a few stars that are still in the sign of Libra, although it is a separate sign from the constellation of Virgo. The sixth sign is positioned between Leo and Libra in the zodiac, taking up 30 degrees of the circular path. Autumn is announced by this changeable sign. In its ever-changing nature, it is quite gloomy. It symbolizes the change from the beautiful summer to the presumably dreary autumn when everything fades away. To top off these miserable factors, Virgo is also a predecessor of Libra, the sign in which the Sun sets.

The constellation of Spica, which means "ear of grain," first appeared in Babylonian astronomy and dates back to around 1000-700 BC. The constellation was formerly known as "The Furrow" and represented goddess Shala's ear of grain; the name Spica is derived from Latin words for "ear of grain." This symbolizes exceptional effort that leads to favorable outcomes. Virgo is often depicted carrying wheat in her hand.


Mantra and Purpose

In the Virgo mantra, the voice of clarity, accuracy, and efficiency emerges: I analyze.

The Virgin's sense of purpose is all about organizing and disseminating material resources so that our lives can flow efficiently and effectively.

It is also essential to them to be helpful and useful in some capacity, which reflects their alternate slogan: I serve.

The inherent alignment of the Virgoan to health preservation and diligent service is a foundation for their communities and relationships.

They attend to the minute details of life that may go overlooked unless they are functioning correctly.

We all have some Virgo in our birth chart somewhere, so we may look to the house that the sign of the Virgin rules to discover where we apply an organized, contentious, and efficient approach to material mastery or where we require help with sensibility

Virgos are inclined to any activity that allows them to categorize, mend, and fulfill a practical or physical need.

Technical and craftspeople occupations are also well-suited to this changeable archetype, as well as health care, herbalism, and anyplace precise attention is required.