Sea Salt Sage

Sea Salt Sage

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The incredible energy of the gemstones make this candles  a powerful ally, helping to release toxic emotions and other unwanted energy from your heart & mental space.

It is believed that lighting candles in our home and work space, help with aligning our energy centers and fostering a harmonious flow of energy throughout the body.


Scent Category: Floral-Fruit

Scent Description: White orchid and purple violet are the first notes that take hold of the senses with this gorgeous fragrance, but are soon joined by the sweetest, most luscious hint of ripe, juicy pineapple.

Aldehydic Rose and black currant finish off this delicious fruit and floral scent perfectly, for a sensory experience that you're sure to love.

Top: Pineapple, Muguet Lily Middle: Aldehydic Rose, Purple Violet Base: White Orchid, Black Currant

Cold Throw: Moderate

Hot Throw: Moderate-Strong

*All of our premium fragrance oils are phthalate and toxin-free.




NOTE: Each candle comes with (1) LARGE or (2)

SMALL-MEDIUM gemstone(s) set into the top of the wax, which should be removed before burning your candle for the first time.



12 Ounces Of Scented Soy Wax In A White Glass

Tumbler With A Crackling Wooden Wick

50-60 Hours Burn Time

Handpoured In The USA