Sagittarius Candle

Sagittarius Candle

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I feel like my purpose is to find out the meaning of life.

There has got to be a reason we're all here, right?

I always try to look at things through a positive angle rather than being self-deprecating.

I am an extrovert who is addicted to changes.

Oh, and by the way, I literally have no filter at all - like, I will say anything that goes through my mind. - sorry in advance!

Dates : November 22 - December 21

Element : Fire

Zodiac quality : Mutable

Ruling planet : Jupiter

Greatest compatibility : Gemini, Aries

My strengths : Sense of humour, giving, idealistic

My weaknesses : Overpromising, impatient, I will say anything, anywhere

I like : To be free, travelling, philosophy, outdoors

I dislike : Clingy people, being constrained, odd theories

The History of Leo Zodiac Sign

The sign of Sagittarius does not match the constellation of Sagittarius. This is the ninth sign in the zodiac. It's a flexible sign that symbolizes seasonal changes from autumn to winter. It is also a sign that follows Scorpio, representing all things that come after a life cycle that has concluded. In some respects, it is linked to heaven and suggests our Souls will journey thereafter our physical body has perished. Sagittarius rules the ninth House in astrology.

The constellation of Sagittarius was known in ancient Babylonia as Nergal, a centaur-like being (half-horse) who shoots an arrow drawn from a bow. This god was frequently represented with wings and two heads - human and panther. This speaks well of the sign's dual natures - one animalistic and one human - as well as this separation between the sign, constellation, and tales linked to them that has lasted for centuries. It was later connected to Chiron and centaurs, both of whom were portrayed by a horse with a human torso and head, suggesting that there is some sort of link between animalistic behavior and humanity.


Mantra and Purpose

The Sagittarius incantation is filled with optimism, enthusiasm, and a desire to explore: I see.

The Archer's sense of purpose is all about seeking the world's basic truths, and this sign will go to the ends of the Earth in order to "see" and experience everything life has to offer for themselves.

Sagittarius is in all of our birth charts, so we may look to the house that this sign rules to learn more about the area of life we approach in a large, optimistic manner or where we need to draw on the Centaur's optimism energy for mastery.

Sagittarius individuals are drawn to any activity that allows them to build spiritually as well as share their knowledge with others.

Sagittarius people may utilize traveling, inspiring, public speaking, educating others, and adventure as a way to release their adaptable energy.