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Libra Candle

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Let me get one thing straight.

I hate being alone! For me, partnership and teamwork are really important.

Also, I know it can be kind of weird, but my biggest dream is to meet someone that's a mirror of myself.

I also strongly believe in equality and doing what's right. I would do anything to avoid being in a conflict - I HATE drama!

Dates : September 23 - October 22

Element : Air

Zodiac quality : Cardinal

Ruling planet : Venus

Greatest compatibility : Sagittarius, Aries

My strengths : Cooperative, polite, fair-minded

My weaknesses : Indecisive, avoiding conflict, holding grudges, mood swings

I like : Peace, Generosity, sharing with other, outdoors

I dislike : Violence, wrongfulness, show-offs, compliance

The history of the Seventh Sign

The zodiacal sign of Libra does not match the constellation. This sign is the seventh sign of the zodiac, between Virgo and Scorpio. Libra is a cardinal sign that marks the start of autumn. Because it represents the natural cycle during which everything dies down, goes into hibernation, and allows fall to arrive, it's not surprising that this region is associated with death.

The constellation of Libra does not exist in the traditional sense, since it is a part of the sign Scorpio and represents the claws of the Scorpion. It was known as MUL Zibanu in Babylonian astrology, symbolizing both scorpion's claws and balance scales. It was referred to by ancient Greeks in the same manner. In truth, Libra stands for a state of total equilibrium represented by the 15th degree of Libra sign. All of the other points indicated by stars in this constellation are actually components of a different constellation.

Mantra and purpose

Libras are peacekeepers who stride out into society to defend love, fairness, beauty, and truth for everyone.

The Libra mnemonic implies a call to join in: I connect. A Libran's aim is to establish social and creative relationships.

Libras are the protectors of peace, going out into society to safeguard love, justice, beauty, and truth for everyone.

Since we all have a Libra in our birth chart, we may look to the house that he rules to see where we approach life in a balanced manner, or where we need to draw on the persuasive Venusian energy of the Scales.

Aries, Taurus, and Gemini are all compatible signs with the Libran personality type.

People who have this personality style are drawn to any undertaking that involves a social or artistic movement open to a wide range of people.

All of these activities allow the Libra individuality to shine through in their aesthetic and egalitarian tendencies.