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I'm the most special sign in the zodiac. I often tend to follow the moment and see the world as a place with endless possibilities. As energetic and eccentric as I can be, I also have a really shy and quiet side. I believe in idealism and I see people without any prejudice.

Dates: January 20 - February 18

Element: Air

Zodiac quality: Fixed

Ruling planet: Uranus, Saturn

Greatest compatibility: Leo, Sagittarius

My strengths: Often leftist, original, independent

My weaknesses: Inflexible, high-tempered, runs from emotional expression

I like: Being with friends, risky business, fighting for justice, intellectual discussions

I dislike: being constrained, being alone, broken promises, boring situations

The History of Aquarius Zodiac Sign

The sign of Aquarius does not correspond to the Gemini constellation. It lies between Capricorn and Pisces in the zodiac, occupying the 11th 30 degrees of the circle. Aquarius is a fixed sign that follows after the winter season in Capricorn has begun. It symbolizes winter's firm, snowy, and chilly half before there is any indication of spring. The brightest star in the constellation is also known as Antares or the Heart of the Scorpion, and it derives its name from Greek mythology. The latter part of the term refers to Latin meaning "water-carrier" or "cup-carrier," one of the most ancient recognized constellations along the zodiac.

Mantra and Purpose

The Aquarius mantra is "I know." This mantra reflects Aquarius's ability to see both sides of every issue and their need for knowledge.

Their purpose is to bring knowledge and information to others. They are always ready to help others, and they are very humanitarian.